Gone are the days of using time intense and error prone ways of sorting inventory for the purpose of blending honey for honey manufacturing. Teknovel offers an innovative solution for blending honey that is fast, cost-effective and meets required market specification with defined parameters (up to 16) of traditional honey manufacturing in New Zealand as per MPI guidelines. Our web based solution “BLENDit” achieves a successful batch building in less than 15 minutes which otherwise typically takes up several hours of an experts time. The tool requires very minimal knowledge of honey manufacturing or batch building expertise and all you need is a-b-c.

  • Input the data
  • Design the target criteria
  • Execute!

It is web based tool, that operates on-the-fly while delivering results within minutes. The speed of batch building varies on size, number of iterations and complexity of dataset. The program has certain presets for quick execution. However, if for any reason, granular control is needed over the input parameters, it is easy to control as well. The tool has come a long way since its inception and is smart enough now to show deficiencies in input data or difficulty obtaining certain mixes in a simple fashion for the user to interpret.

If you wish to make most of your honey, talk to our sales team for a free demo.

Key Features of BLENDit  1) Flexible in selecting parameters, 2) Key MPI markers, 3) Cost of the blend, 4) Export market, and many more..