About Us

csltOur Approach

Teknovel Expert Solutions Ltd is a team of progressive thinkers. We aim at applying our expertise for finding novel ways to innovate and provide customized solutions to your challenges.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning and we have had our humble beginning having spent years understanding what different levels of organization small to large face through the several phases of their development and can address most issues with our novel solutions.

The Team

We are a collective bunch of technical experts from multiple fields of expertise. Just explain your business issues and we will find the most effective solution(s) to address them.


Chief Executive Officer

One of the directors and CEO with a vision to make Teknovel a leader in technical solutions and service industry


Business Development Manager

One of the directors and BDM focusing on new projects & opportunities that can be addressed by Teknovel


Technical Lead

A truly diverse Technical Team focused on addressing clients problems in the most tactful fashion

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